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The Best of the Best

July 22, 2011

Looking for the stuff of legends? A Montecristi Panama hat woven so finely that it seems to be made of cloth, not straw? I mean the real deal. As in all the way to the top, the very finest in the world. The absolute highest expression of the Art of Montecristi. The ones all the fuss is about.

If just the idea of a hat like that makes you tingly for a white linen suit, slowly turning ceiling fans, and tropical islands, then I’m your man.

If it makes you tingly for a strong light, magnifying glass, and tape measure, then I’m your man. But the other scenario seems more fun.

If you represent a museum, art gallery, or private collection, I have what you’re looking for.

If you need a hat for Oscar night, you’ll have the best hat in the house.

I’m not saying I can get them. I already have them.

I purchase the entire annual production of the best weavers alive today. It is simply not possible to find a hat that is finer than my finest.

How do I do it? How do I buy all of the very finest hats? Simple. I pay more than anyone else in history. Actually, there’s more to it than the money.

It helps that the weavers have known me for almost twenty years. I am a familiar face.

We buy hats all year long, every week. Jorge comes to the village, comes to the weavers’ homes. If they have a hat ready and can’t wait till Saturday, they can bring the hat to him and he buys it.

They know my foundation has brought doctors to the village many times, providing free medical care for their families. I have been honored to be a recurring guest in their homes. The walls of many of those homes display photos I made of family members creating their art. With help from Charlie Sheen [Editor’s note: No, really! This was a few years ago, before Mr. Sheen… well… Anyway, back to the story. –Laurel] and Hartford York, we built a water storage system for the village in 2008. (see foundation projects)

To me, the most important achievement of all, the one I am most proud of, is that I have always kept my word. I wanted to be the first White Man in history to do so.

The weavers have learned that if I promise to do a thing, even an impossible thing, I will do it. Promising Simón I would sell his best hats for $35,000 was, perhaps, a little like a baseball player pointing to where he would hit a homerun, or a boxer predicting the round in which he would knock out his opponent. Yeah, like that.

Want to help me keep that promise? For serious inquiries regarding the best of the best, contact me directly.

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