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Old News: Johnny Depp 2011’s “Hat Person of the Year”

October 2, 2011

Admittedly we hadn’t launched yet back in March, but I’m still not sure how I missed this story: The Headwear Association named Johnny Depp their “Hat Person of the Year.”

Even though I’m more than a few months late, I still wanted to pass this on for one very simple reason: I really like Johnny Depp. He’s a remarkable actor, and his haphazard (you might even say “vaguely reminiscent of a hobo”) personal style somehow works; I suppose when one is good looking enough one can pull off virtually anything. I never really noticed until now, but Depp is a consistent hat wearer, which is rare in this day and age.

HuffPo has a great writeup from back in March, featuring a slideshow of Depp’s many hats.

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  1. […] los sombreros panamá (o panameños) no son solo cosa de chicas. Johnny Depp fue elegido el “hombre del año con sombrero” en 2011 por la Headweather […]

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