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Mombasa SE - Blanco - Extra Wide Brim Options

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Mombasa SE - Blanco - Extra Wide Brim

Panama Hat Mombasa Safari Edition Blanco

Mombasa. I’ve always loved that word. It sounds so exotic, distant, dangerous. Mombasa, you may recall, is a major port city on the coast of Kenya. If you were going to East Africa on safari a hundred years ago, Mombasa might have been where you got off the boat and began your journey into The Dark Continent.

You would want a good sturdy hat to shade you from the equatorial sun. A hat that also would look quite dashing in the flickering light of the evening cookfire.

The Mombasa SE “Cocoa”would be a perfect choice. For both you and the Memsahib. Looks equally enviable on men or women.

Classic center dent crown. Choice of brim width. Straw dyed a dirt-defying cocoa color. Choice of ribbon colors. Custom sized for a perfect fit.

If you are a sensible soul who prefers to skip the safari-and-hot-sun stuff in favor of exploring the shaded veranda and libations at the lodge, you may prefer the dashing Mombasa SE “Blanco”.

And I may join you on that shaded veranda. Let’s start with a Tusker beer, well chilled.


A Mombasa Safari Edition is so tough that I guarantee it will even stand up to being trampled by an elephant. The nice adventurous shape will be history, of course, but the hat itself will survive a good trampling far better than you would.

Simply return your elephant-trampled hat, along with photos and/or video of the trampling event, and I will replace your hat with a new one. The better the camera work, the more cheerfully I will make your replacement.


It is perfectly acceptable to look adventurous and dashing, even when you are within five miles of home. Yes, even when you are in your own backyard, or on your own condo balcony.

The Mombasa SE – either “Cocoa” or “Blanco” – is an adventurous and dashing hat. By extension, you look adventurous and dashing when wearing one. It’s easy enough to imagine you, Saturday to-do list in hand, journeying from place to place, wearing a Mombasa SE, looking adventurous and dashing, perhaps walking to the beat of native drums, as lions roar in your mind’s ear. Happens to me all the time.

Don’t be surprised if someone asks, “Hey, how’s the safari?”

To which you answer, “Safari sagoodi.”


  • Hand woven genuine Panama hat
  • Hand woven brim edge
  • Straw dyed “Cocoa” color, or bleached “Blanco”
  • Hand blocked and custom sized
  • Crown about 5“ measured on side
  • Crown about 4” measured in front
  • Wide Brim is 3“ to 3 3⁄8”
  • Extra Wide Brim is 3 1⁄2” or more (“Cocoa” mostly)
  • Short Brim is 2 5⁄8 to 2 7⁄8 inches (“Cocoa” mostly)
  • Fine leather sweatband standard
  • Cocoa - 1 1⁄2” Jamaica Brown ribbon standard (many other choices)
  • Blanco - 1 1⁄2 inch Black ribbon standard (many other choices)
  • Weave count comparable to some of my Montecristi hats


Why One Panama Hat Costs More than Another

Extra wide brim: 3 1⁄2” or more



Wide: 3 – 3 3⁄8 inches
Short: 2 5⁄8 - 2 7⁄8 inches
Extra Wide: 3 1⁄2 inches or more


About 5”
(measured on the side)
About 4“
(measured center front)



21” to 24 3⁄4 “
(53.5 cm to 62.9 cm)

+5% 23 5⁄8” – 24 1⁄8“
+10% 24 1⁄4” - 24 2⁄4“
+15% 24 7⁄8” and larger

I will send you size test bands
and will custom size your hat,
included in the price.
Extra shipping cost outside of U.S.


see choices

Standard sweatband for Cocoa is Antique Brown fine leather

Standard sweatband for Blanco is Sand un-dyed fine leather


see choices

Standard ribbon for Cocoa is 1 1⁄2” Jamaica Brown
Blanco is 1 1⁄2 “ Black


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Click for the BBB Business Review of this Hats - Wholesale & Manufacturers in Kailua HI


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